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Woman Patiently Waits To Earn Stray Dog’s Trust And She Becomes The Sweetest Dog Ever

When a woman saw a homeless dog wandering in her yard, she immediately knew that the dog was special. The dog, a black German Shepherd, has been wandering the neighborhood for months. She was very skittish and was wary of humans. It is clear that the dog did not trust humans at all.

Every time someone gets too close, she would run away and stay in the distance. That is until she fell in love with someone. Hollee, also known as Holleebee in TikTok, was determined to befriend the homeless dog. She named her Luna.

But Hollee knew it wasn’t going to be easy to earn Luna’s trust. After all, neighbors say that Luna has been homeless for months and has never known what it is like to be loved. Luna sleeps under Hollee’s car, but Luna would get up and run away when she tries to approach the dog.

Hollee patiently waited for Luna to trust her. She spent days outside, showing Luna that all she wanted to do was help. But despite her determination, Luna still seemed untrusting.

Luna was very thin and weak, and so Hollee gave her food every day. She also talks to Luna so that she will get used to her voice. When Hollee was out walking her dog, Charli, one day, she was surprised to see that Luna wasn’t running away from them. In fact, Luna approached Hollee and hopped on her rear legs a couple of times, as if she wanted to play!

It was at that moment when Hollee realized that she had already earned Luna’s trust. Luna even approached her with her head down, prompting Hollee to pet her head—which she obliged. She finally has Luna! But while Hollee was happy that Luna finally trusted her, deep down, she was afraid that she might actually belong to someone.

So she took Luna to a vet to get rid of her ticks and to have her scanned for a microchip. After the visit, she was told that Luna had no chip! “Luna is finally mine!” Hollee excitedly claimed. And from then on, Luna has become an important part of Hollee’s life. Together with her other dog, Charli, they have become one big happy family.

Watch Luna’s story in the video below.

Source The Dodo via Youtube