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Stray And Heartbroken Dog Found In Desperate Need After Vandals Painted Him Green

The sheer number of animal abuse cases and stories of our furry friends being dumped, beaten, and starved is horrifying. 

And photos shared by Shazreen Othuman, on Facebook, only further show how cruel some humans can be. A distressed dog was found in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, after having been supposedly abused and “painted green by cruel thugs”.

The toxic fumes from the green paint had left the stray sick and faint, and the poor pup had nothing to eat and nobody to care for him. Thankfully he was spotted by chance and quickly taken to a rescue to be treated.

Image Credits: Shazreen Othuman

The heartbreaking images were shared on Facebook by Shazreen Othuman where they have been widely circulated. His intentions were to raise awareness of the poor dog’s situation and bring the vandals to justice.

Hoping that once people learned about the horrible treatment he’d had to suffer through, someone would get him the help he needed.

Image Credits: Shazreen Othuman

The poor dog’s story unsurprisingly stirred up a lot of emotion online, and animal rights supporters everywhere were outraged. The stray was quickly rescued off the streets and take to a rescue center in Subang Bestari in the district of Petaling located in the western Malaysian.

Image Credits: Shazreen Othuman

The pup was lucky to have gotten help in time, as the paint fumes could have proved fatal. The perpetrators of this cruel crime may face up to three years in prison provided that they’re caught, but nobody yet has been identified or apprehended.

Image Credits: Shazreen Othuman

Hopefully, it’s only a matter of time before justice is served and these persons will be held accountable for their actions. We’re so thankful and relieved that the pup got the help he needed, and we’re glad to see that there are people out there who are ready to step up and help animals in need.

The story has caused a lot of outrage online, and no one can understand why someone would treat an animal in such a horrible way.

However, in a remarkable turn of events — the rescue center where the pup was treated had been told that he had simply been tossing and turning in green powder which had been left at a local dump and refuted claims that it was deliberate.

They further went on to say that the green powder that had caused the color transformation, quickly washed off with some shampoo, and added that the dog had seemingly not suffered any ill effects.


They had allegedly tracked the dog down to a location near a dumpsite, here they discovered the dog being fed by local construction workers. These local residents apparently revealed the story about the green powder that the dog had been rolling in.

This still didn’t answer the question of, how the stray was able to perfectly cover himself in the green powder-like substance, but the center was happy he was healthy.

Whether accidental or deliberate, paints and dyes can be dangerous for dogs, possibly causing respiratory problems, nausea, dizziness, skin reactions, and sometimes even death.

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