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Scared Dog Refuses To Let Go Of The Man Who Saved Her From A Slaughterhouse

Certain parts of the world don’t view dogs in the same way that we do. Unfortunately, that often results in those dogs being abused or outright killed. In Cambodia, using dogs as a source of meat is viewed as a food source.

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Thankfully, there are good people out there who are devoted to helping those animals.Source: Facebook

Michael Chour is one of those people. Working as a rescuer, he went to the meat farm in Chomkachek, Cambodia, where he found a slaughterhouse. When Michael showed up, he found someone worth saving.

When Michael arrived at the slaughterhouse, he found one little dog in the back.

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At the back of a cage in some random corner of the farm, Michael found a little dog named Sweet. Immediately, Michael got to work rescuing her from her bondage. If he didn’t save her, her days on the earth were numbered in the single digits.

It took some work, but The Sound of Animals was able to save some of the dogs.

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The Sound of Animals is an organization that is devoted to saving dogs from the meat trade all throughout Southeast Asia. Over the years they have been able to save hundreds of dogs that were doomed to die. In one of their recent rescues, they negotiated the freedom of 17 dogs, one of them the little of named Sweety!

Even after her rescue, there was still a process to follow.

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In order to keep their existing group of dogs safe from infection and disease, the freshly rescued dogs went to a temporary medical facility to receive the treatment they needed. All 17 of the rescued dogs were sent to the temporary shelter in O Smach, Cambodia. Once they arrived, they underwent a health assessment and given various treatments before heading to the main care facility in Ban Kruat District, Thailand.


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Michael was able to rendezvous with Sweety at the temporary shelter while still in Cambodia!


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When the two saw each other, Michael’s heart broke. Sweety was ok, but she was terrified and had no idea what was going on. Reaching into her cage, Michael brought her out and held her. After her hug, that was all Sweety wanted to do!

After the hug, he knew there was a connection.

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Once the poor dog was visibly rejuvenated after something as simple as a hug, Michael knew that they had a special connection. Normally, Michael would find homes for the dogs that he rescues. This time, however, it was a bit too close to his heart.

Deciding to adopt Sweety for himself, the little dog would never have to say goodbye to the only person who ever showed her love!


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With Sweety living with Michael, everything seems, for her at least, right in the world. The man who saved her is the object of her love, and she can’t help but want to spend all her time with him!

“All dogs have the right to a life of happiness, but some of them touch my heart more than others,” he said. “She is one of them.”


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