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Rescue Dog Used To Be Afraid Of Everything Until She Met ‘Her’ Little Boy

Elizabeth Spence has what you would call a full house, with three children and rescue animals – two dogs and three cats. She’s always chronicled her family by taking photographs, but as soon as she took photos of her third child, Archie, napping with Nora, the Internet fell in love.

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Nora is an 8-year-old English pointer who had a sad beginning to life. She was born in deplorable conditions in a puppy mill prior to being rescued by the Spence family when she was 1-year-old.

When she first came into the Spence’s home, she was afraid of almost everything. Through the family’s kindness she learned to trust and love and when she met Archie (now 11-months old), she was instantly drawn to him.

Archie has been surrounded by rescue animals since he was born and is easygoing and relaxed around his furry siblings. There was something about him that made Nora feel safe. She soon became very protective of her new little human.

The two have become inseparable and take naps together all the time. “We got our Nora from a rescue shelter seven years ago and it’s one of the best decisions we ever made! Archie thinks so, too,” says Spence.

“She sure loves her boy.”

“It’s looking like Archie just might have a future career in animal whispering!”

When Archie and Nora aren’t napping together, they play together all the time.

“Nora is an amazing dog and is so deserving of any and all of the attention she gets,” says Spence.

The bed is getting a bit crowded.

There is no secret to getting the two to sleep together, Spence says. “I generally nurse my son to sleep on my bed at nap time and then move him to his room, or let him stay on my bed if he’s looking too comfortable to move,” she tells The Winnipeg Free Press. “Nora is always there supervising the entire affair and will definitely move in for cuddles if given the opportunity.”

“She is the most passive and loving dog I have ever met and genuinely treats all the kids with absolute love and devotion,” Spence says.

What a loving family. Spence hopes that people seeing Archie and Nora together will think about adopting a rescue animal of their own and take one into their hearts and home.

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