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Pitbull ‘Hades’ lends stray cat his kennel for the birth of their babies

Dogs are among the most sensitive and loving beings on earth and it is always inspiring to watch how their instincts come into play when they see small animals in need.

Especially when dogs help cats who, according to the myth, shouldn’t really understand each other, unique moments can arise.

Like a pit bull who offered his dog house to a stray, heavily pregnant cat.

Juan José P. Flores from Mexico saw the same street cat roaming his neighborhood for days, he told The Dodo.

Until his dog, Pitbull Hades, shows that he has a place in his heart for stray cats when Juan found out a few months ago that the cat was in the pit bull’s dog house.

Juan discovered the cat after his dog made an unfamiliar noise:

“He was so desperate and made a lot of noises.”

Shortly afterwards, the dog owner noticed that the cat was pregnant and that she was just going into labor.

It quickly became clear that the good-natured Hades had offered her his dog house as a shelter so that she would have a safe place where she could give birth to her babies.

“He pulled a sheet to the entrance of his house and made himself comfortable there. She felt protected with him. “

Shortly afterwards, the cat gave birth to two young babies and Juan brought the new family into the house, with Pitbull Hades overseeing everything.

“I think he felt like a father,” said Juan, who was trying to find a home for the cats.

Although pit bulls are considered aggressive and a name like Hades may not initially speak of friendliness, the sugar-sweet four-legged friend has proven what loving creatures he is and what his kind can be when treated correctly.

“Pit bulls are good dogs. Hades set everything aside to help someone else. We should act just like him. “

What a wonderful story and what an adorable dog! We hope that everyone involved can lead a happy life.