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Man captured on camera taking a sick dog for a walk every day is praised by thousands.

For the animal lover is clear that when they adopt a dog they have to take care of him for as long as their pet is alive, but for the other part that doesn’t realize how a dog should be treated , a man in Italy has been an example of how dogs should receive the care and love they deserve.


Tonino Vitale was recorded on camera in his regular walk with his sick dog that is normal if you are a dog owner, but here the story is different since the poor Dylan the 13-year-old dog has arthritis and is crippled, and his owner still offers fresh air putting him in a cart and going out for walks with him.

Dylan can hardly move his front legs, and his back ones can’t be moved at all, but Tonino takes care to make him as comfortable as he can while they go out for their walk.

The dog has been on Tonino ‘s family for 13 long years, first, it was his kids that took care of Dylan and when they moved out it was Tonino who was taking care of the poor Dog, he said the dog was therapy and comfort for him after he lost his beloved dad.

The video of the kind owner has gone viral and is shared by thousands of people, Tonino is getting praised from animal lovers all around the world.

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