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Dog Totally Steals The Show During Parents' Wedding Ceremony

She earned a big round of applause 😂💩

Freya’s family adopted her through a rescue five years ago, after her previous owner passed away. When her new parents met her, it was love at first sight, and now they can’t imagine their lives without her. 

“She's the epitome of a gentle giant,” Kat Kenny, Freya’s mom, told The Dodo. “She will snooze all day long if she's allowed … and gets along with everyone.” 

dog weddingKAT KENNY

As Freya’s parents were planning their wedding, they knew without a doubt that she would be a part of it. They decided to make her the flower girl, and when the wedding day finally arrived, Freya couldn’t have been more excited. 

“She was an angel,” Kenny said. “She'd stayed inside with me while my party and I were getting ready, then we let her out right before we came out. She made her way down the aisle to say hello to my (now) husband, before going up and down every row of guests to ensure they all knew she was the star of the show.” 

dog weddingSHAE ESTELLA


Once the ceremony was underway, Freya was trusted to do her own thing. She wandered around to different guests, happily accepting lots of love and attention. She was doing great and having a blast — until all of a sudden, nature called. 

dog weddingSHAE ESTELLA


Freya realized she had to do her business, and decided that the perfect spot was right behind the arbor, in perfect view of the entire wedding. 

Most of the guests noticed immediately but tried to be polite about it — until Kenny’s mom noticed and couldn’t contain her horror. 

“Most of the guests had already noticed but had the tact to not say anything, but of course my mum called out, ‘OH NO, Freya!’ which was the first time the bridal party noticed,” Kenny said. “She had been inside most of the day so that cars could safely come in and out, so clearly she just had to go!”

dog weddingSHAE ESTELLA

“We had asked our celebrant that our ceremony be full of laughter, and nothing makes everyone laugh quite like a giant dog perched behind the arbor doing a giant turd,” Kenny said. “It was the talk of the evening, much to our delight. We are a couple who love to make memories, particularly with our furry children, and we couldn't have imagined something so hilarious as this!”

As soon as Freya was finished, everyone broke out into applause, and she pranced back over to the wedding, beaming with pride. 

dog weddingSHAE ESTELLA

“She came BOUNDING back to us with the most excited expression, and came straight back to her crowd of adoring fans,” Kenny said. 

The ceremony was beautiful and everyone had such a wonderful time celebrating the couple’s love, but watching a giant dog do her business in the middle of the ceremony was probably everyone’s favorite part, and Freya’s parents couldn’t have been happier about it. 

dog weddingKAT KENNY

After the ceremony, Freya continued to mingle with the guests for a while before heading inside to take a well-deserved nap. She stayed asleep for most of the reception, but came out to say goodbye as everyone was leaving. No one wanted to leave without saying goodbye to the real star of the show. 

A lot of people might get annoyed or embarrassed at a dog pooping in the middle of their wedding ceremony — but for Freya’s parents, her display only made their day even more perfect than it already was.