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Dog darts into blazing house and rescues kitten from the flames

Cats and dogs have a range of interactions. The natural instincts of each species lead towards antagonistic interactions, though individual animals can have non-aggressive relationships with each other, particularly under conditions where humans have socialized non-aggressive behaviors. If appropriately socialized, cats and dogs may have relationships that are not antagonistic, and dogs raised with cats may prefer the presence of cats to other dogs. Even cats and dogs in the same household that have historically had positive interactions may revert to aggressive reactions due to external stimuli, illness, or play that escalates.

This story about a cat and a dog is just amazing, after an explosion at a defense industry building in Donetsk City, Ukraine, fire spread quickly and put a lot of lives at risk. The people that were living near were forced to flee from their homes and a lot of them did not have time to grab a lot of their personal stuff..

A home owner ran away from the fire and he managed to let his dog out in the front yard, but the dog got right back into flames, the owner could not believe and was terrified and he could not run after his dog after the fire was to high.

The dog let all in surprise when he came out holding a kitten in his mouth, the little kitten was struggling to breath but she was alive. Thanks to this amazing dog the little kitten was rescued and now is safe and home with the owner.