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Deaf man adopts rescued dog who has lost his hearing and teaches him sign language

Sometimes, when you see an animal in distress that needs to be rescued, you quickly realize that you have a certain connection with each other.

That’s exactly how Nick Abbott felt when he came across a Facebook post asking if anyone would like to give the cute Labrador mix named Emerson a new home

“I immediately felt a certain connection with him because we had so much in common,” the 31-year-old Abbott told CBS News. “I felt that I could understand him.”

At the age of just six weeks, he was rescued from a shelter in Florida and taken to NFR Maine, another rescue center. Unlike his siblings, Emerson had many problems. He suffered from cramps and was diagnosed with canine parvovirus, a highly contagious infection.

Fortunately he survived. But there was something else that the vets noticed, the little puppy also suffered from hearing loss.

“He doesn’t mind, he’s a normal puppy,” Lindsay Powers of NFR Maine told Good Morning America.
Source: NFR Maine

Soon after, Emerson was put up for adoption and Powers said one application caught her eye.

“Right in the first sentence he wrote ‘I’m deaf too and I felt an immediate connection’.”

The application came from Abbott and Powers did not take long to contact him and arrange a meeting between the two.

“He greeted me immediately at the door, laid down on my feet and stayed there,” Abbott told WABI, “so you could say that he chose me. And from then on I knew that we would get along well and that we would get along very well.

Source: NFR Maine

They simply belonged together.

Since Emerson was adopted, Abbott taught the little dog all kinds of commands using sign language.

Emerson can sit on command, lie down, stop, and many other tricks.

Richelle Abbott, Nick’s mother, called their relationship “great” and emphasized once again that they were “meant for each other”.

“Whenever they are together, Emerson finds a way to be close to Nick,” she told Good Morning America.

Nick even created an Instagram account for Emerson, where he wants to report about “two deaf boys and their adventures.

“This story is definitely one of the best adoption stories,” NFR Maine said. “I will recommend this story when people ask ‘Why/how to adopt’ and this question has SOME answers, but the simplest is love.

Source: NFR Maine

Emerson’s start in life was hard and rocky, and when all of his siblings were adopted, it seemed like the bad luck would continue. Had it not been for someone like Nick, who saw something in him that others saw as a disadvantage. Who knows what would have happened to this little furry nose otherwise.

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