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Boy Grieves Over Beloved Dog After He Was Shot ‘7-8 Times’ With Pellet Gun

If you own a pet they become a part of your family and that was the case for the Land family and their yellow Lab Max.

The devasted family is mourning the loss of their beloved dog Max, who tragically died after being repeatedly shot with a pellet gun.

Image Credits: Audra Nicole Land

Randy Land was mowing the yard when he found Max lying on the ground with blood coming from his head and nose. Randy initially thought that it was his fault and that Max had been hit by a rock that flew out of the lawnmower.

They immediately called the Pocahontas Police Department for assistance and Officer Anthony Parten arrived to apply medical treatment.

Image Credits: Audra Nicole Land
Image Credits: Audra Nicole Land

Upon arriving at the Westridge Animal Clinic, the Land family discovered something horrific. Max was not injured by the lawnmower but had been shot seven to eight times with a pellet gun. Max sadly ended up passing away, due to a pellet that was lodged in his head.

On Friday morning, the Northeast Arkansas Humane Society wrote:


The family’s young son described Max as his “best friend” in a teary-eyed interview.

Image Credits: Audra Nicole Land

Distraught by the news the family doesn’t know who did it or why, but they want justice. Mom Audra says this has affected her family deeply, stating in an interview, “Now our little boy is scared to go outside.”

Image Credits: Audra Nicole Land

Max played a special part in the Land family’s life; he was not only their dog but also their best friend and their protector.

Audra recalled “He had such a gentle such, such a sweet spirit, when we would take our boys to swim if he thought they got too far in the water Max would go get them and he would bring them back into shore” The Land family buried Max at the creek by their parent’s house. They say it’s fitting as Max loved the water there. Now that they have some closure they now want justice.

Image Credits: Audra Nicole Land

The police are still currently investigating and ask anyone with any information on what may have transpired, to contact their department at 870-892-9867. The family is also offering a $300 reward on information leading to an arrest or conviction of the killer.

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