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Adorable Welsh Corgi Pup Spreads Positive Vibes To Everyone She Meets

In these uncertain times, everybody needs more than an extra huge dose of heart-melting happiness to keep us calm and relaxed. Fortunately, one lovable corgi pup seemed up for the challenge, with her charming and bubbly personality shining through. And the best thing was, it’s free of charge!

Baby, a five-month-old Pembroke Welsh Corgi, was one of the most adorable and delightful puppers we ever did meet. Her mom, May Theint New, shared how this particular sweetheart always bounced around and made every person she met break into uncontrollable smiles.

Before Baby came into her life, May already had a Corgi named Cooper. When the two dogs met, they instantly bonded and became inseparable. The dynamic duo developed a fantastic connection, causing May to create their Instagram account to spread the love these two Corgis shared.

Plus, she wanted to show the types of trouble these two goofballs got themselves into at home.

Cooper was older by a couple of years than his baby sister. He was also the sweetest big brother to the young Corgi, exercising infinite patience and kindness to his playful sister, Baby. He let her be the family baby since he was practically a big boy dog now.

Baby, on the other hand, was a feisty little pup who always got jealous whenever she felt she wasn’t getting enough attention from everybody. At her young age, Baby already learned several tricks that she often played with her family. She was also a sassy little dog, who tried to avoid baths just like any other dog.

Baby was a complete natural at posing for pictures. Cooper wasn’t exactly keen on having his photos taken, but Baby practically preened and gave her cutest smile for the camera. She loved getting all that extra attention for herself.

And it didn’t hurt that she got rewarded with treats as well.

Photos courtesy of CooperandBaby_Corgi via Instagram