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After nearly a year lost in the woods, golden retriever reunites with owner

Missing dog reunites with owner nearly a year later Nearly a year after Walter the dog went missing in suburban St. Louis, the golden retriever is back with his owner. ARNOLD, Mo. - A dog that went missing nearly a year ago in Missouri has been reunited with his owner after she never stopped searching and never gave up hope. Kate Olson, of New Hampshire, visited relatives last Thanksgiving in Arnold, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, with her golden retriever named Walter, according to KSDK-TV. Walter, described as an “anxious” dog, slipped out of his collar and took off — apparently wandering the woods behind an industrial park. Olson stayed in St. Louis for weeks printing fliers and retracing his steps hoping...

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Furry protective: Golden retriever gets up in the middle of the night to 'guard his toys' after his owner washed them

Dogs love their toys. And for golden retriever Kang Kang, his playthings are so precious he's decided to get up in the middle of the night to guard them. Footage shows the five-year-old dog sitting in front of more than a dozen toys after his owner washed them and hung them on a balcony. The pet's owner, who lives in China, told Mailonline that she believed Kang Kang was protecting the toys. Golden retriever gets up in middle of night to 'guard his toys'   Kang Kang the golden retriever sits on the balcony in front of his toys to protect them The pet dog in China walks up to some of his playthings while they are being dried on a...

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Old stray dog’s reaction to getting stroked by new owners is adorable

Heartwarming footage of an old stray dog showing his love for his new owners after getting adopted has gone viral online. The adorable pooch had been found wandering the streets of a small town in the US before being rescued by an animal shelter. A kind-hearted couple then decided to take him in – and the new family instantly hit it off. In footage shared to Reddit by bassDAD, one of the new dog owners gives the pooch some head scratches. When they stop, the pooch looks up at him and paws at his hand as if to ask for more scratches. His owner duly obliges and the dog rests on the arm rest as he is stroked. The pooch clearly loves...

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Dog Who Snuck Away From Home Can't Believe That He Just Got 'Arrested'

"The dog's look is priceless" 😂 If looking for a good time is a crime, then go ahead and lock this pup up. And in a way, police in Germany did just that. POLIZEI MITTELFRANKEN Last weekend, the dog had managed to sneak away from home in the village of Ziegenbach, heading out for a little solo adventure. Somewhere along the way, he met a group of cyclists who stopped to interact with him. Though the dog may have thought the cyclists would be just passing characters in the ongoing story of his free-spirited journey, he was wrong. Concerned the dog was lost, they called the cops — staying with the pup until officers arrived to "arrest" him. POLIZEI MITTELFRANKEN The dog...

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Kind Man In Klang Helps Stray Dogs Get Adopted & They Still Manja Him When He Visits

A kind man from Klang, Selangor is going viral on Facebook for helping a stray dog and her nine puppies find adoptive homes and loving owners after he saved them from the streets In a Facebook group called Kelab Pencinta Anjing, 30-year-old Arm Si Awan Biru, fondly known as Oteh, shared how he first met the stray dog, named Tina, loitering near his workplace in Klang."This story starts with Tina coming to my office every single day," wrote Oteh, who is an animal lover and often shares his other rescue stories in the group.He said that this black and brown canine loyally waited for him outside his workplace every day because she knew he always brought food for her. Image via Arm Si...

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